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The Latest FAD

By Pam Dufour 10 May, 2017
Today I had the privilege of getting a private tour of the The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT. I'm a big fan of the history behind old buildings, and this gem of a theater did not disappoint.

Lawrence Caso, the executive director, was kind enough to not only show me around, but provide me with amazing tidbits of history as we walked through the vast space.

To say this place has everything would be an understatement. He took me from room to room, up and down hidden staircases that the general public never sees. Nooks and crannies in every direction. The amazing part for me was that this was all original - not added rooms or updates throughout it's almost 77 year history. In other words, the original theater owners and their architects knew EXACTLY what they would need. Today, all the rooms are still in use.

Check out my videos (yes, there are two - I hit end instead of pause at one point and had to start over!) to see this amazing space and hear some quirky and fun historical facts.

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Be sure to catch a show at this amazing theater!

The Klein Auditorium
910 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Ph. 203-424-0160
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