The Latest FAD


The Latest FAD

By Pam Dufour 22 Jul, 2016
I've been running Fairfield After Dark for almost seven years now (September 1st is our "birthday"!) and it wasn't until last summer I got my first "media/press" pass.  It was granted to me for the now defunct Gathering of the Vibes.  Figures. 

Let me tell you, I was beyond excited.  The feeling of walking up to a gate that most can't go beyond and just flashing a piece of plastic hanging from a lanyard around your neck to walk on through is very cool indeed.  I shot some of my first "Selfie Interview" videos that day with Relative Souls and Jen Durkin of Jen Durkin & the Business.  Had a blast!

I was bummed to find out that was the end of my Gathering of the Vibes media experience.  But, when one door closes, another one opens, right?  And in this case, it opened up to the guys over at the Stamford Downtown Special Services District.  The who?!   "The guys who put on Alive@Five".  (and LOTS more stuff!).  

This year, I have media passes for both Wednesday Nite Live and Alive@Five.  So far I've taken pictures for The Tempations, O.A.R., Hanson and Third Eye Blind.  For someone with no photography skills, I have to say my Canon Rebel T1i EOS and my new lens have done me proud.  

So, what do you get with that pretty little plastic lanyard?  For these shows you are allowed to be directly in front of the stage (the "pit") for the first three songs of each headliner.  Yep, that's it!  You walk on over a few minutes before they go on, in front of hundreds of fans behind a metal gate behind you.  Not gonna lie, it feels great!  

You click some crowd shots and then when the band comes out, you snap, snap, snap away.  You take tons of pictures (I took over 100 for Third Eye Blind!) and then hope for the best.  Admittedly though, my Canon Rebel and I feel a bit "under-dressed" when there.  The REAL photographers of the world are standing with you, side by side.  Serious camera envy ensues.  But you just have to do the best you can.  Which I do.  And I hope you enjoy the pics.

Next up?  Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo for the final Wednesday Nite Live July 27th.  Can not wait!  I imagine I can only improve.  One hopes.  

See you out there Fairfield County!  
By Pam Dufour 06 Jul, 2016
I've been following Griffin Anthony for YEARS.  In fact, I may be a bit of a stalker.  But c'mon, look at that sweet face!  And then when he sings?  What's not to love!  Okay, I'm not THAT creepy, but I have been lucky to be able to call Griffin a friend.

When I started my "selfie-style, on the spot, and off the cuff" video series "Band Bits", he was more than happy to be one of my first "guinea pigs".  So glad he did.  It was a great time!

Enjoy this quick chat with Griffin Anthony before his show at the Danbury Summer Concerts on the Green.
By Pam Dufour 06 Jul, 2016
When I'm out and about, I never know where the day is going to take me.  What a surprise to run into this guy while dining at The Georgetown Saloon in Redding, CT!  An even better surprise when he let me have a little video chat!

Butch talks about his appearance at Scare-A-Con in Springfield, MA and his new coffee line "Dracula Dark" from our local coffee roasters Deadly Grounds.

What a nice guy!
By Pam Dufour 06 Jul, 2016
A few year's back I discovered that Eliot Lewis who was a big part of The Average White Band and Hall & Oates, was actually a Norwalk native.  I decided to "friend" him on Facebook and I've kept up with what he's been up to this past year.

Once I got the video series "Band Bits" going, I knew I'd want to interview Eliot.  Well, finally had the chance on Friday, July 1st at his apartment in SoNo.  

As expected, he's an approachable, kind and down-to-earth guy.  The interview turned out to be a blast.  The final question is my favorite.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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