Viceroy Publik House

Redding Roadhouse

211 Summer St.
Stamford, CT 06831
PH. 203-658-8423

From Viceroy Publik House Website:

From what is now referred to as the “British Raj”, the British rule over the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947, Viceroy Publik House pays homage to this now proud Indian and British identity, offering a high energy English pub setting featuring London curry, pakoras and pints, and an edgy live music venue which is just as diverse as its menu. Located in Downtown Stamford, CT, Viceroy Publik House brings together these two cultures, rich in history and with a strong food and drink identity found in pubs throughout London.


Info coming soon


Info coming soon



3 - Kathy Muir (original acoustic music)
4 - TBA
5 - Big White Ass (Rock and Blues with some of the regions best musicians) 10pm
6 - AnGee Blake and Night Market (R&B, Funk and Soul) 10pm
10 - Johnny G and his Magical Melodica (sing along you'll know all the words!) 7pm
11 - Riot on Summer Street w/ Special Guests 9pm
12 - TBA
13 - TBA
17 - Johnny G and Special Guests 7pm
18 - TBA
19 - TBA
20 - Phoenix Tree  (record release party) 10pm
24 -  Johnny G and Special Guests  7pm
25 - Riot on Summer Street 9pm
26 - Fingersleeve (blues) 10pm
27 - Not To Be Missed! Justin Symbol, the God Bombs and A Punche's Pilot 10pm
31 - Johnny G and Special Guests 7pm
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