CHIRP - Ridgefield,  CT
  • CHIRP!  Concerts at Ballard Park
  • CHIRP is a series of free Tuesday and Thursday night summer concerts in Ballard Park located in the heart of Ridgefield. It also sponsors the U.S. Military Band concerts held several times a year at the H.S. auditorium. CHIRP is totally funded by individual and foundation donations as well as contributions from local businesses. It is co-sponsored by the town of Ridgefield through its Parks & Rec. Dep’t. and The Ridgefield Press. Concerts begin at 7p.m. Please understand that we love dogs BUT they are not permitted in Ballard Park.

  • Location
    Ballard Park
  • 485-499 Main Street
  • Ridgefield, CT 

  • 2017 Dates
    May 30th - August 31st

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